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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the bats and weather vane in the 'Madam Ashburys House of Wax'?
When first opening the house of wax, both the bats that circle over top of the house and the weather vane are stored in a compartment located in the styrofoam packing material. Look near the outside top of both pieces of packing material. One of the pieces will have a rectangular cut-out door on it. Pull this off to reveal the small compartment housing both the bats and weather vane.

I have pictures of my display that I'd like to submit to the site. What do I need to do?
You can submit up to ten pictures of your display. Just e-mail the pictures to: Displays@Lemax-SpookyTown.Com. Formatting will be handled on our end.

I see items I want listed as out of stock. Will you be getting any more?
Lemax-SpookyTown.Com is open all year round. However retail orders can only be placed with the US distributor between March and mid-July. If an item appears out of stock in December, it cannot be re-stocked until the retail ordering season begins again in March. Check the scrolling news bar on the main page for the latest information on when retail orders have been placed and when they have arrived.

I placed an order a couple of days ago. What is the status of it?
You can check your order status online. There is an order status checker in the upper, left-hand side of the main page. Enter your order number into the box and press the [Status] button. A new window will pop up with a list of the items in your order as well as its current status.

Where can I find Lemax products local to me?
Lemax-SpookyTown.Com is an online retailer of the Spooky Town collection, not Lemax. Information on where to purchase Lemax Christmas items or local merchants selling Lemax products are beyond our scope.

How can I contact Lemax?
The e-mail address for Lemax USA (the US distributor of Lemax) is: Info@LemaxUSA.Com

I would like to get a catalog of Lemax products. How can I get one?
Although Lemax USA generally deals directly with retailers and not individual consumers, they do sell catalogs directly to consumers in the US and Canada for a nominal fee beginning in May of each year. Contact them at Info@LemaxUSA.Com to get the current cost and availability.

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